Glen Weyl

I am a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research New England, where I work on political economy in the nineteenth century, interdisciplinary sense. I am visiting Yale University's economics department and Law School as a Senior Research Scholar. With Eric Posner and Kevin Slavin I co-founded Collective Decision Engines, a start-up that commercializes a voting technique I proposed called Quadratic Voting. My joint book with Posner, Radical Markets: Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society, is forthcoming from the Princeton University Press in May 2018.

Explanation of the Audio

Since I was I child I have always been a painfully slow reader, limiting my ability to learn from literature until a few years ago, when I discovered audio books for my iPod. This medium dramatically improved my ability to consume books in diverse fields and thereby broaden my education. Suddenly, I was sending the JPE back cover quotes from War and Peace!

Of course this led me to think how nice it would be if research in the fields I work in were available in a similar fashion. I have therefore decided to try an experiment in that direction, hiring Victoria Chao, an aspiring radio journalist, graduate student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and former NPR intern, to help me create audio versions of (the less technical sections of) my papers. My hope is that other academics may follow our lead, making their research more widely accessible through the use of audio and visual formats.

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