Glen Weyl

I am a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research New England, where I work on political economy in the nineteenth century, interdisciplinary sense. I am visiting Yale University's economics department and Law School as a Senior Research Scholar. With Eric Posner and Kevin Slavin I co-founded Collective Decision Engines, a start-up that commercializes a voting technique I proposed called Quadratic Voting. My joint book with Posner, Radical Markets: Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society, is forthcoming from the Princeton University Press in May 2018.


Youn Sin Hae, City (2011)

Youn Sin Hae, City (2011)

My Yelp profile, including ratings of many restaurants in Chicago, Boston/Cambridge, Princeton, Washington, D. C. and the Bay Area.

Personal reflections on Passover, March 2013

My presentation at the 66th Annual Latke-Hamantash Debate at the University of Chicago in February, 2013 (my presentation begins at 50:40).

Profile from Princeton 2011 Major Choices pamphlet

Personal statement from my wedding

Video/slideshow of my wedding

Photographs from my wedding

Tristram Shandy quote I suggested published on back cover of the Journal of Political Economy 122:3 (June 2014)

David Foster Wallace quote 121:5 (October 2013)

Margin Call quote 120:6 (December 2012)

More quote 119:5 (October 2011)

Unforgiven quote 119:2 (April 2011)

Athanaeus quote joint with Jason Aftosmis 118:6 (December 2010)

Frierson quote joint with Bill Todd 117:2 (April 2009)

Heller quote 116:3 (June 2008)

Tolstoy quote 115:3 (June 2007)

Princeton Valedictory Oration text

Valedictory Oration Video (begins at minute 26)

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