Glen Weyl

I am a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research New England, where I work on political economy in the nineteenth century, interdisciplinary sense. I am visiting Yale University's economics department and Law School as a Senior Research Scholar. With Eric Posner and Kevin Slavin I co-founded Collective Decision Engines, a start-up that commercializes a voting technique I proposed called Quadratic Voting. My joint book with Posner, Radical Markets: Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society, is forthcoming from the Princeton University Press in May 2018.


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Personal Profiles

Dionisio González, Marginal II (2006)

Dionisio González, Marginal II (2006)

Pacific Standard Magazine profile on me as one of the Top 30 Thinkers Under 30

A write-up of my wedding in the New York Times

Choate’s The News reports on my appointment to the Society of Fellows

Marginal Revolution post about my work

Princeton Alumni Weekly Commencement coverage with a profile article

Princeton Weekly Bulletin Commencement coverage

Valedictory Oration

Daily Princetonian article on Commencement

Princeton Weekly Bulletin biographical article

Daily Princetonian article on valedictory announcement

Princeton press release on the George B. Wood Legacy Junior Prize

Coverage of Non-Research Activities

UChicago News on the Working Group on Comparative Economics I am co-organizing

The University of Chicago Maroon on the Latke-Hamantash debate I participated in

Daily Princetonian article on Princeton Against Protectionism Fair Trade project

Daily Princetonian article on Princeton Against Protectionism trade teleconference

Commentary on Economics

Article from Washington Post based on interview with me about regulating drug markets.

Article from The American following up on my Big Think post below

Article quoting a statistic I calcuated about financial industry compensation

Big Think blog post in which I opine, along with seven other economists, on direction of the field

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A short policy piece for the Choate Rosemary Hall Bulletin

Coverage of my Research

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